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Nicola Cont

With over two decades of international experience in different roles within the plastic industry, Nicola Cont is expert at creating innovative strategies, developing world-class teams to quickly commercialize emerging technologies and positively impact sustainability for Technology Driven Enterprises.

With deep knowledge of the supply chain and long experience in building industry collaborations in operations as well as research and development programs, he helps companies quickly identify opportunities to improve their sustainability and develop new sustainable and profitable business opportunities.

Crucial for the success of the transformation, is the incorporation of sustainability into the enterprise core processes, from HR to Strategy.

Communication and collaboration with employees within the company and with the company´s partners along the supply chain are a must, if real system change must be achieved, that benefit all sustainability´s stakeholders, people, planet and business.

Based in Munich, Nicola Cont holds a Master in Material Engineering in Italy and is certified in Advanced Sustainability by the Institute for Business Sustainability in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Emilija Petrova

Emilija has a wealth of professional experience in the international world of trade, finance, supply and sustainable supply chain and Management, running her boutique consulting and trade finance firm Trade Resource for the past two decades. She likes to refer to herself as an Impact Specialist.

She embodies a genuine global citizen with a multinational background and fluency in multiple languages. Her early career in international trade with raw materials exposed her to diverse countries, markets, and cultures, leading her to realize that the world is not as vast as it seems and we are intricately connected through our shared need for resources and services.

“Far more common threads bind us together than what sets us apart. Above all, we share our most valuable jewel – our planet Earth. My experience in dealing with raw materials has opened my eyes to the finite nature of resources and the significant impact of pollution. It has become evident that the journey towards sustainability is imperative. As a result, I have committed to leveraging my expertise and accumulated experience to support companies in reaching their sustainability objectives and ensuring they deliver on People, Planet and Profit.”

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Emilija holds a dual Master’s degree in Business Administration from La Salle University – Philadelphia and EU Business School- Geneva and a Diploma in Advanced Sustainability from the Institute for Business Sustainability Lucerne Switzerland.

What does it take to embrace sustainability?

The answer to this question is unique for each organization and it involves a transformational journey. Cont-sustainability consulting helps SME, Start-ups and Non-Profit organizations, navigate their sustainability transformation.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where all organizations operate in an environmentally responsible manner, contributing to a sustainable future for society.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower purpose-driven organizations embrace sustainability and achieve their environmental goals through customized strategies, innovative solutions, and employee coaching. We understand the current realities in balancing people, planet and profit and put accent on continued profitability whilst benefiting all stakeholders and the environment at large.
AIM for IMPACT approach  
(Assess – Initiate – Measure – for impact)
We take a practical approach to sustainability, focusing on impact with enduring and operational results.
We understand the current realities in balancing people, planet and profit and put accent on continued profitability whilst benefiting all stakeholders and the environment at large.
We believe that leading with purpose and moving forward confidently is the key to success.
We support you from the initial assessment until the measurement of the sustainability strategy impact.
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